Wednesday, March 27, 2013

How to learning c#

This is one of the common question see if various places. How to learn c# FAST ?

Well I do not know why to make this process faster apart from practicing it initially as much as possible. and if you have other suggestion please include in comment and I`ll update this post with credits to you :)

I am going to answer, How to learn c#, to Learn c# here are some of the posts, sites that I found useful

1. MSDN  (

MSDN is really a good source of knowledge and actually this is the preferred place to get any new feature detail, but this contains basic information and you have to try hands-on to know many hidden things or boundary conditions.

More detailed list

2. Channel9.msdn (

This is second in my priority list as its really a good site with lot many videos, to learn c# they have created a list of videos and they are sequentially arranged at the given URL.

3.  Pluralsight Videos :

These courses are created by industry experts and they surely has great in depth knowledge about subject. These videos are structured and time bound. These are really good source of knowledge but these are not free, you need to have subscription to access these videos. C# videos were published in 2009,  not sure if they have  updated them for new version of C# or not, If you know, please provide those details in comment section.


This site is also well structured and they have webpages with details and also c# sample code. Good source to get practice code. They are very descriptive.

5. (

This site is very good source of information and they have plenty of them, but only problem that I find with is its not well structured and any new member get lost in their vast information.

If you know any other good source that you want me to put into this list. Please share that in comment section and I`ll include in the list.


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